Thursday, October 28, 2010

The workers

There are those around us lucky enough to be in work.  Though the economic situation is in dire straights and currently absorbing scandalous lies about a recovery the situation does not seem to be getting any better. Newspapers are repeating the same old classifieds job positions over and over again rather than remove them and make the job market look as dire as it actually is.  In Europe and the middle east the so called high-flying executive has been replaced with the budget-baba(BB).  No longer is it "what can you do for our company" but rather "what money can you save us" mentality that is recruiting professionals (?) and that mentality is most likely to stay. Places like India, Egypt, Philippines and Iran are seeing an exodus of Degree holders as they seek well to-do positions in europe and the middle east with their budget-baba working plan gaining favour with the Human resource officer who is also a member of the BB elite.  For the company it is a great time.  Not only can the company fake a recession hit cutback on staff but in turn gain cheap labour on temporary contracts with no need to worry about incentives, package deals and holidays etc.
Today's world just got harder to get work in, unless that is you are willing to become a part of the BB Elite.

Steel Croppers

Angle Grinder

Paint Jack

HVAC Engineers

Demolition crew


Media professionals

Police and law enforcement

The cobbler

The slaughterman

Window Cleaners

Newspaper deliveryman

Cook and Chef

The art critic

The builder

Stuart Perry 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jebel Hafeet - In and Around The Ancient Landmark

Having attained the prestigious D90 I felt compelled to see what it can do whilst learning its functions, menu and basic orientation with the camera.  Having the salt and peppar shakers on a table at home is not enough for me to photograph whilst reading the instruction manual, instead I opted for the "Wild".
Jebel Hafeet is a favourite area of mine to photograph and to go and have a hang about occassionally.  Having a unique landscape and hot springs it certainly is a magical place, especially on a foggy morning.  The following images have been enhanced either with saturation, vibrance and contrast but basically thats it.
I hope you enjoy them.
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Mubazzara rocks

Mubazzara views in the rain

Mubazzara by night

Wadi Tarabat

Reach across the dead plain

Taking the blessing

Breaking of the day

Spectral mists

Mist in the niches

The continuum

flightless cloud

fog in the dead valley

the call of the solar ray

here comes the sun

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the sun burn

sparse veg

V tree


oyster rocks

Mubazzara sunset

night views 7

night views 3

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogspot at last

I have been running around the internet for several years now and have always skipped over blogspot for more favourable websites like wordpress and yolasite etc but now I find a need to be here as I don't wish to go facebooking to stay in touch with friends etc.

So just so I can put something onto my page here are a series of photos recently done by me to do with geometrics in photography.

The Geometric Study - Stuart Perry 2010 (c) all rights reserved

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